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Nature Communications paper on flat slabs beneath the Andes

– May 16, 2017 –

Gerben’s paper on flat slabs beneath the Andes is online! I wrote the university press release, check it out here.

Short fieldtrip IcelandIMG_3304

– September 8, 2016 –

I’m on a short fieldtrip to the volcano Hekla on Iceland to sample recent lava flows for Lennart de Groot‘s research on paleo-intensity methods.








Field excursion Turkey

– August 19, 2016 –

Field excursion in Turkey with our Utrecht team plus a group of international specialists. I’m very much impressed by the beauty and variety of Turkish landscapes and its awesome geology :)




Fieldwork Costa Rica + outreach on Pacific paper

– August 10, 2016 – 

Back home from a great field trip in Costa Rica. During the trip, our paper on the birth of the Pacific Plate was published, which resulted in a crazy amount of calls from journalists, interviews for news paper articles and online publications. We even made it to iflscience! See the outreach page for an overview.

2016-06-03 16.26.21



Fieldwork Camarasa, Spain

-June 10, 2016 –

I’m supervising the BSc fieldwork in the fold-thrust belt of the southern Pyrenees.






Fieldwork New Zealand

– February 20, 2016 –

I am doing fieldwork on the North Island of New Zealand, sampling the Panthalassa-derived Waipapa (ocean floor sediments) and Murihiku (fore-arc sediments) terranes.







GeoBerlin 2015

– October 9, 2015 –

Precisely 100 years ago Alfred Wegener published his theory on continental drift. GeoBerlin 2015 celebrated the 100th birthday of his book last week with a very nice conference on plate tectonics. I gave a talk On the enigmatic birth of the Pacific Plate within the Panthalassa superocean and the related paper will hopefully be submitted next week!







Sampling red radiolarian ribbon cherts on Cedros Island, Mexico

– June 17, 2015 –

Cherts are very fine-grained silica-rich sediments that are deposited in deep marine environments, in this case at the ocean floor of the Panthalassa Ocean. The sediments are now accreted to the Mexican continent, but by doing paleomagnetic analysis on them, I hope to constrain their paleolatitude, and consequently, the motion path of the plate that was underlying the Panthalassa Ocean during the Triassic-Jurassic.



Fieldwork Baja California, Mexico

– June 12, 2015 –

Sampling cherts and other marine sediments on the Pacific coast at Punta San Hipólito







Fieldwork Aliaga

– May 11, 2015 –

I’m supervising the fieldwork for the first year students in Aliaga, Spain.

So good to be back in this geologically very exciting area :)





Guest post for the Traveling Geologist

– January 20, 2015 –

I wrote a guest post for Christopher Spencers blog

Check it out here!