Education and Research

2019-2021          Postdoctoral researcher, ETH Zürich
Paleogeographic reconstruction of plate boundary zones: analyzing the role of plate tectonically driven habitat changes on extant biodiversity

2014-2019          PhD, Utrecht University, cum laude
Thesis: Reconstructing lost plates of the Panthalassa Ocean

2013-2014          Junior Lecturer, Utrecht University

2011-2013          MSc Geology, Utrecht University, cum laude
Thesis: Kinematic reconstruction of the Caribbean region since the Early Jurassic 

2007-2011          BSc Earth Sciences, Utrecht University

Awards and grants

12/2018          ETH Zürich postdoctoral fellowship

12/2017          Outstanding Student Paper Award (OSPA), AGU Fall meeting 2017

12/2016          Outstanding Student Paper Award (OSPA), AGU Fall meeting 2016

05/2014          Escher Prize for best Dutch Earth Scientific MSc thesis 2013

Invited presentations

01/2021         MagIC workshop (online)
Reconstructing plate motions of subducted oceanic plates using paleomagnetic data from subduction complexes – with examples from Japan, New Zealand, Mexico and Costa Rica

06/2019         University of Montpellier
The complex tectonic history of the Caribbean Plate – a journey from Jurassic formation at the Farallon-Phoenix ridge via Cretaceous subduction initiation and an Eocene plate boundary reorganization towards the modern intra-Americas setting.

12/2017          AGU Fall meeting, New Orleans
Absolute plate motion control since the Triassic from the Cocos slab and its associated subduction record in Mexico

09/2017          Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
Quantitative kinematic reconstruction of lost oceanic plates – Unraveling the tectonic history of the Panthalassa Ocean

09/2016          GSA2016, Denver
Eocene northern Caribbean plate boundary reorganization: regionally or globally forced?